Easiest way to
run your node

The most convenient way to become a
node operator. Enjoy the best experience
from our user-optimized Node-as-a-Service.


Supported Networks

  • Mina
  • Celo
  • NEAR
  • Terra
  • CertiK
  • The Graph
  • Flow
  • Ethereum 2.0

AI NETWORK node now available on Run Your Node!

Become a worker node to serve decentralized AI
  • Pricing: $160 - $2400/mo (Payments processed by Coinbase Commerce)
  • Key features: AI Worker, Auto Reward Address

Run Your Node

Why run a node from DSRV Platform?

The easiest way to become a node operator

Run Your Node makes node easy
by eliminating all the inconvenineces and
technical barriers for everyone.

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Enterprise-grade security
in node management

Securely and safely participate in the
blockchain network, build dapps and services
based on our multi-cloud blockchain intrastructure

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Deepdive into blockchain
with node dashboard

Check everything about your node status.
Watch Your Node provides your own personal
monitoring and management system.

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How to use DSRV Platform

How to deploy your own node


  • Run your node
  • Connect your node
Run Your Node is a node-as-a-service designed for anyone who wishes to run their own node. We provide both the hardware and the software to launch, monitor and manage a blockchain node with simple and easy interface. Your node status will be managed in a node dashboard and you will receive alerts via email & phone call if any error occurs or major update becomes imminent. Should you have the necessity of a customized enterprise-grade solution, our platform will cover all of your needs.

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DSRV is fast to iterate and has a laser focus on the end user experience.
Their one-click node feature is a great representation of their appreciation for improving usability for end users.

BIJAN SHAHROKHI, Head of Product, O(1) Labs