Easiest way to run your node

Mina node for free and participate in the testnet.

Run Your Node

Easiest way to
run your node

The most convenient way to deploy and manage
your own node. Enjoy the best experience
from our user-optimized blockchain platform.


Supported Networks

  • Mina
  • Celo
  • NEAR
  • Terra
  • CertiK
  • The Graph
  • Flow
  • Ethereum 2.0

Welcome! DSRV supports Mina and all node types

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DSRV proudly presents our new Node-as-a-Service platform: Run Your Node.
First time running a node? Having a hard time with node management and monitoring?
Apply for a free trial, selected users will be given an opportunity to experience our
simplified interface to start up a node and cutting-edge monitoring system.

Run Your Node

Why use DSRV's platform?

The easiest way to start your node

DSRV's platform makes node easy
by eliminating all the inconvenineces and
unnecessary struggles for everyone.

Let's start

Reliability and security
in node management

Users can securely and safely participate in the
blockchain network, build dapps and services
based on our multi-cloud blockchain intrastructure

Deploy node

Deepdive into blockchain
with node dashboard

Check everything about your node status.
DSRV's platform provides your own personal
monitoring and management system.

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How to use DSRV's platform

How to deploy your own Mina node

DSRV is fast to iterate and has a laser focus on the end user experience.
Their one-click node feature is a great representation of their appreciation for improving usability for end users.